The Orchards Association , Inc.

Baltimore, MD 21210 


2018-2019 Board Members

President  Jeff Burnett (108 Castlewood)
  Vice        President  Baron Scarlett (110 Bellemore)
  Treasurer  Heidi Fancher (5706 Kenmore Road)
  Secretary  Tina Mappin (15 W. Lake)

 Kara Keehan (7 W. Lake) (

        Snow Removal  Jeff Burnett (108 Castlewood)
  Architectural Committee  Diane Melia, Elizabeth Nook, Patricia Peltz, Julia Smith
  Social Events

 Sarah Walton (111 Bellemore)


 Diane Melia (5718 Kenmore)

  Nominating Committee

 Jeff Burnett (108 Castlewood)
 Baron Scarlett (110 Bellemore)
 Wes Bissett (106 Bellemore) 

  Website  Patricia Peltz (104 Bellemore)
  Members at Large

 Wes Bissett (106 Bellemore)                                     Chris Austin (5714 Kenmore Road)


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The Orchards Association, Inc.
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